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cacao powder

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Our sourcing in the Dominican Republic supports over 3,000 smallholder farmers, emphasizing sustainable practices. Pioneering the way, our cacao supply chain is the first in Latin America to achieve Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC), showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

The unique characteristics of Dominican Republic cocoa, renowned for its rich flavor profile and high-quality beans, further underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional products. By collaborating closely with local farmers, we not only support their communities but also ensure the preservation of the region's biodiversity.

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Our supply chain boasts complete traceability, achieved through cutting-edge digitalization. Each cocoa batch is meticulously tracked throughout the entire supply chain, encompassing crucial details like the farmgate price and key quality attributes such as rigorous testing for heavy metals.

Furthermore, we utilize this technology to actively track and monitor any signs of deforestation. This proactive approach ensures our farms play a pivotal role in preventing the conversion of native forests—an issue of significant concern in numerous cocoa-producing regions.

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Our commitment extends beyond merely cultivating cocoa; it involves fostering agroforestry systems that nurture robust soils, safeguard biodiversity, and actively sequester carbon, among other invaluable benefits.


Guided by indigenous wisdom, our producers meet ROC's stringent standards by implementing the following pillars:

  • Soil Health: practices that enhance biodiversity and preserve soil structure such as no-till, mulching and cover crops

  • Animal Welfare: integrating animals with nature and providing a safe environment

  • Social Fairness: treating farm workers fairly and ensuring safe working conditions


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Fair Labor Practices
The Dominican Republic has a commendable track record regarding child labor in cocoa production, distinguishing it from many other cocoa-producing nations. Rigorous independent audits with our sourcing partners have not revealed a single instance of child labor. All children of our producers are sent to school and supported by the cooperative through the distribution of school kits, shoes, sports material and toys. Through cooperative membership, our farmers also benefit from:

  • Elevated Incomes: Enjoying a substantial average increase of 35% above the global market price due to fair trade premiums and minimum prices.

  • Improved Yields: Access to regular visits, training, seedlings, and demonstration plots, contributing to better agricultural productivity.

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Initiatives include housing construction, renovations, water supply, and financial support for medical needs, promoting an overall improved standard of living.

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Eloy de Luna
Farm Location: Area Yamasá, Dominican Republic
Farm Size: 9.1 acres
Years of production: Entire lifetime

"Regenerative Organic farming improves our health and livelihood. With the premium we receive, we can make investments on our farm, for our children's education, and for our wellbeing."

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